Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Adventure Planned

I was talking with my neighbor, and I told him about my hike to Greylock. He told me that if I enjoyed hiking I should check out 'the top of the world'. Apparently there is a place up on Route 2, heading towards Flordia, MA on top of the hairpin turn. There's a road you can take that branches to the left and from this road there is a path that leads to what Al referred to as the Top of the World. Now I know that the mountains around here aren't high enough to earn that title, but I refuse to be picky.

I'll have to get more supplies, and by that I mean food for hiking. I'll also have to check out the available ways to get to the hairpin turn. I'm not sure if walking is an option since I'll be following Route 2. It's stupid that such a question even has to be raised. I should be able to walk where I damn well please without having to worry about being pulled over by cops who don't seem to grasp that what you're doing is trying to get somewhere same as everyone else. It's not my priority to buy a car.

Either way, I'll probably get better directions from Al before I head out. I hope to wake up earlier than I did for my first hike, maybe around 8 since I'm not entirely sure how long it will take me to even get to the top of the mountain where the road is. But I will make my way there and I'll find the Top of the World which is supposed to be simply beautiful. A place where you can see the whole valley. Unfortunately it can't happen this weekend, but maybe the next one.

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